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At Al Hafil, we provide all kinds of visa services for visit visa, free visa, business visa and Hajj and Umrah visa. Once we receive your passport, photographs and other related documents, we will apply for visa on behalf of you. To visit some countries, visiting visa or social visit visa is sufficient. Business visa is used for business related visits to another country. To perform Hajj & Umrah, one needs to get Hajj & Umrah visa to enter Saudi Arabia.

Business Visa

Business visa is necessary to make trade related visit to another country. Some country explicitly states to obtain a business visa prior to entering their country for business related activities, trade fair, trade expo, sales & marketing visits and signing business related agreements. With a valid business related identification proof like TIN/VAT/GST number, business registration document, copy of ITR and other related documents one can obtain business visa. Some countries require invitation of company of respective country to justify issuing a visa to foreigner. In this case, one needs to approach the company of their choice or trade organization to request for necessary invitation and other related documents for visa support.