Hajj & Umrah

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Al Hafil is a renowned tour operator from Mangaluru, Karnataka offering exceptional Hajj & Umrah Services. Being familiar with the multicultural India, we exactly know the religious sentiment of the people associated with such trips and we function to make your trip safer and smoother.

Al Hafil has rich experience related to Umrah & Hajj Services - from the issue of Visa to taking care of accommodation, transportation and catering. Al Hafil has earned an unshakeable reputation among the people of Mangaluru as a one-stop service company for Hajj & Umraj. An established leader in this field, its worldwide client base makes it a pioneer for all tastes and requirements. Al Hafil is specialized in providing Hajj Services in Mina & Arafat during the days of Hajj. These services include catering for the entire camp, tent preparation, housekeeping services and sanitary arrangements.

Hajj Services

  • Hajj Package is of 40 days
  • Departure – 3rd day of Dul Hajj
  • Rooms near by Haram Shariff
  • Food - All types of Cuisines Available

Umrah Services

  • Individual Package / Group / Family Packages.
  • Umrah Package starts from the month of Safar to the month of Ramadhan.
  • Every month 2 groups will departure
  • Departure is from Mangaluru.
  • Rooms near by Haram Shariff.
  • Food - All types of Cuisines available including continental.
  • Makkah Ziyarah and Madina Ziyarah.
  • Umrah Study Class from renowned scholars before departure at Mangaluru.
  • Availability of Experienced Guides.